Is Lavell a completed product?

Development Stage

Lavell is a new product that is not yet available on the market and is in the early stages of development.  The product is currently being prototyped. The team is using its previous expertise in cross-platform development, inventory systems, and payment processing to create their initial prototype. This prototype will help to convey the intent of the end-product to the team and demonstrate a streamlined user experience while creating a foundation for its core infrastructure.

What is the release schedule for Lavell?

You can check out our milestone schedule here.

Is ECXTECH and it's flagship product Lavell a technology startup?

Yes, ECXTech was founded in March 2018. R&D on the concept behind Condottos’ core technologies started back in mid-2017.

Does Lavell have technology patents in place?

Yes, Lavell is patent-pending technology.

What strategic partnerships or relationships do you have in place as a foundation for Lavell?

Lavell has solidified a world-class team and created a relationship with an experienced payment processor that understands our unique e-commerce business. Lavell has also crafted a technology partnership with another company for provisioning and monitoring secure private clouds via its secure infrastructure platform.

Press release here.

Your business seems very interesting. Do you have a newsletter I can subscribe to?

Absolutely, here is a link to our newsletter signup form. We will keep you up to date as the product evolves.